Vendredi, août 22, 2014

One day we’ll find it
The Midou connection
The aces
The zakus
And me

Jeudi, août 21, 2014


imagine your favorite character going on a ferris wheel with you and when you reach the top they start making the passenger car shake to scare you so you cling to them for fear of falling out

Jeudi, août 21, 2014

Connie Stuart by Rita Martin, c. 1910
Jeudi, août 21, 2014

I have felt very off for the past few days and I only just realized what it is. New school. New house. New clothes. New car. New work schedule. Everything is new all at once. I feel like I have a completely different life from what I had a week ago and I guess it is kind of a shock to my system. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to move forward and make positive changes in my life but it is also kind of freaking me out hahaha

Jeudi, août 21, 2014

Bunny sketch
Jeudi, août 21, 2014
Jeudi, août 21, 2014

Idk when I see people at school who cannot afford food from the cafe I always offer to pay because I remember being in that situation and it was not fun. Especially since the cafeteria hours were weird and sometimes I would miss dinner. Not fun.

Jeudi, août 21, 2014
What fictional character(s) do I remind you of?



Jeudi, août 21, 2014
1863-project get me out of hereroguesquirrel twinkle twinkle little bike…. how I wonder what you’re like… fast upon the road you fly… I can’t believe sports made me cry…
Jeudi, août 21, 2014

Like where can I find some behind the scenes stuff where he is directing
I cannot imagine him as an actual director like when he talks he comes across as this nerd someone invited to a party who will not shut up about movies

Jeudi, août 21, 2014

I cannot comprehend Quentin Tarantino

Jeudi, août 21, 2014

Remember when I was like “why would they make anime about sports that is so boring”

Jeudi, août 21, 2014

Like the girl hunt part from the band wagon
Hell yea

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